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Printing in China

Printing in China and South East Asia will enable you to bring your product to market in the most economical way. However, buying direct can be a daunting prospect - how can you be sure of the factory you are using? What if something goes wrong?

Imago has over 35 years experience working with suppliers throughout China and South East Asia.  We have our own production offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Malaysia. These teams comprising 50 people, are your eyes and ears in the factory, negotiating the best price, monitoring the quality and ensuring everything goes smoothly.

 The benefits of printing in China

  • Price - more often than not printing in China is cheaper than printing in Europe even once freight costs are added
  • Choice - the range of materials and finishes on offer is extensive
  • Quality - the quality of manufacturing is excellent 
  • Customisation - everything can be made to your exact requirements (as long as it's physically possible) and suppliers are more than happy to work to custom designs

The benefits of outsourcing to Imago

  • Price - our considerable buying power and experience enables us to buy effectively - often for less than you would be able to do it yourself.
  • Ethics - each factory is visited by a member of our Far East team before any work is placed to ensure it meets our ethical standards.  
  • Quality - Imago's core suppliers hold ISO 9001 accreditation and we have our own QC inspection team ensuring that your quality expectations are met. If problems arise you can be confident that Imago will act swiftly to resolve them on your behalf.
  • Safety - Imago can advise on the safety requirements for your product and will help you ensure that your product complies with the relevant legislation
  • Choice - unlike a regular printer who has the pressure of keeping his machines full, we are not restricted by the limitations of any particular factory. Every print job is different - we choose the right factory for your job from our list of trusted suppliers.